Installation of 4,426 lf. of steam and condensate with underground conduit .

Contact: Paul Rosseau—(410) 247-9096


Design/build project. Installation of 2,859 lf. of steam and condensate pipes, with manholes, in a hand dug tunnel.

Contact: Greg Westphal—(202) 690-9720

Installation of over 2,600 lf. of hot and chilled water underground conduit systems for new commercial development on the Baltimore Harbor.  The project included conduit, manholes and associated piping from a new central energy plant to a new structure and piping for future structures.  Additional work included the installation of nearly 800 lf. of telecom./electric duct banks with electric and comm.. manholes throughout and several hundred feet of condenser piping for the cooling tower.  Engineers working on this project are Whitney, Bailey, Cox and Magnani with also Gipe and Associates.


Contact: Ron Melchoir—(410) 907-2021

Installation of 1500 lf. of large diameter 48” and 60” pipe , with vaults and manholes, in a campus environment.


Contact: Tom Blanchard—(301) 405-3373

Replace Mall Steam Pipe Loop, Naval Research Laboratory

HW/CWS Piping Installation, Constellation Energy/Canton Crossing Plant

Replace 10th Street Buried Lines, General Services Administration

Paint Branch Road Storm Drain, University of Maryland

Recently Completed Projects

Installation of 5,500 lf. Of chilled water, steam, and condensate pipes.

Contact: Jerry Eubanks—(703) 204-1400

Exploration Science Building, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Running steam, condensate, and chill water pipes to the new Space Exploration Building at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center with Manhatten Construction.

NASA, Parsons, and CPF have installed several phases of their chilled water and steam distribution system over the last ten years.

Site Steam Option 3 Roadway Loop, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD (Parsons)

Exploration Science Building, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD (Manhatten)

Demolition of a manhole, and repair of a pipe loop.

HOTD Leak Repair, Pension Building, Washington, DC (EMCOR)

From Paint Branch Road through to the softball fields, CPF is upgrading the older storm drains in order to prevent some of the buildings’ basements from flooding.

University of Maryland College Park Storm Drain Upgrade, College Park, MD


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Replacing hot water and chill water pipes connecting the chiller and heat plants to 8 new manholes and several thousand feet of piping at Laurel campus for the FDA.

FDA UG Piping Replacement, Laurel, MD (G-W Mgmt)

Replacing HTHW lines.

Adelphi Army Research Laboratory HW Replacement , Adelphi, MD (Marrada)